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Why may this page be interesting?

Many terms are used for the same color. Many colors have different names. What is the difference between pink and magenta? Many times the names are used in a wrong way. And sometime they are used correct but they are not understood.
But there are so many names for colors available, that a more precise use is possible.
On the other hand, there are so many "white" places in the map of colors. We have definitely to get creative on this spots (start here).

All started while skiing in Valbella (Switzerland). There were so many pink, red, rose, plum, orchid, coral and light maroon ski-dresses around, that something had to be done. We needed more names. Specially the baby-rose dresses of my daughter made clear, that pink ist not just pink.

Dry dresses

Everyone, having fun with colors and their names, is welcome to find precise names for some of the still unnamed colors; colors a modern display (monitor) can produce. On the other hand: your senses could be trained if you just start here and compare your results with the ones of the internet comunity.

But beware: The Monitors only show a part of all the possible colors and: they differ strongly! Another point to be aware is your type of retina. Male and female differ!


Descriptions of colornames differ slightly in each country, are differently used by female and male and are dependent of the output media (lcd, crt, printer, ...). To be aware of souch minimal nuances (and to measure them) can be of interrest for each of the following people:

To whom it may concern

  • Print companies
  • Artists, Painters, Teachers (colour models)
  • Producers of paint
  • Photographers
  • Producers of monitors and printers
  • Everyone having fun with colors
  • Translations of color terms (english, german, french, ...)

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